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Yannick Robert is a very well known guitar teacher in France. He teaches at the Music Academy International (MAI) in Nancy since 1990, he is in charge of the Jazz-Fusion workshop, and Jazz-Fusion program. He is involved in all the main Jazz seminars and gives a lot of masterclasses in French, English and Spanish. He also created the Ibanez Guitar School network in France in 1995, he is endorsed by the firm since 1992.

Very well known for his melodic phrasing, Yannick Robert participates in a lot of masterclasses and seminars in France and all over the world. His very personal finger-playing technic that he strongly developped and explained in his book “La Guitare aux doigts”, makes him one of the best guitar player of his generation.

Seminar program

   • creation of different levels among students if necessary
   • election of a topic
   • explanation of different work directions
   • workshops with the different groups
   • stage ending concert with all the students
     and a solo part by Yannick Robert

Possible topics

All topics are possible, related with students' level, with a preference for the ones Yannick already developped in his methods :
     • modal playing / dorian mode
   • fingerplaying
   • Pat Metheny phrasing
   • Comping and improvising over a standard, different approaches
   • Blues into Jazz
   • minor Blues
   • dominant 7 th chord
   • Analysing chords and learning different systems : major, harmonic and melodic minor

Feel free to contact Yannick for any teaching question :
A few tips :
(in french)
Exercises from CD accompaniment of
Guitare Xtreme N°14
May/June 2006
(in french)
With Yannick Robert, learn how to master percussion comping..
A complete study of fingers comping.

In this electric guitar fingerstyle comping masterclass you will study such styles as funk, blues, jazz, bossa nova and four songs : Fragile by Sting, Don't know Why by Norah Jones, Isn't she Lovely by Stevie Wonder and James by Pat Metheny. Yannick Robert teach you how to play percussions on the guitar in order to improve your groove. Learn how to add percussions in your playing, with both right hand and left hand, slapping the strings and your guitar neck.

Yannick Robert teach you efficient techniques and practice ideas that will allow you to improvise and instinctively add percussions in every style of comping.

Masterclass program

Yannick Robert, Professeur at Music Academy International of Nancy, and teaching director of Ibanez Guitar Schools doesn't play with pedagogy. In this masterclass, he teaches you how to play percussions in an instinctive way and to make them sound in every kind of comping such as Jazz, Shuffle, Funk or Bossa nova. Discover a progressive program with more than 200 vidéos. Practice a lot of exercices thought by Yannick Robert on different kinds of pulsations. And to end you will have fun playing application songs by Sting, Norah Jones, Stevie Wonder, Pat Metheny.

Learn music at your own pace! + 50 courses ... 200 videos ... Advanced to expert level.

Video presentation of the masterclass
In French  (click image to view)

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French Ibanez Guitar Schools were born in 1995. This French network is made of 28 schools spread out all over the country. It's a collaboration between teachers, teaching director Yannick Robert, and Mogar Music France, Ibanez French importer.

During the year, concerts, seminars, masterclasses and contests are organised. All these teachers are active musicians.

An exclusive formation leads also towards Music Academy International of Nancy.
Teaching direction : Yannick Robert

A list of all the Ibanez Guitar Schools is available on Mogar Music France website.

French Ibanez Guitar Schools - Mogar Music France
4, Impasse de la Croix Blanche - 95370 Montigny les Cormeilles (France) - Phone + 33 (0)1 34 50 52 22

Music Academy International (M.A.I) is vocational school, a family of artists, teachers, and music world professionals who, after a solid 20 years experiency on modern music teaching, have created a unique place where all kinds of ambitions and artistic dreams may come true.....

A unique school with compact and continuous cursus, leaded by an alternate pedagogy, taking care of the real possibilities of work and realities of the musical market.

M.A.I is a professional teaching center with no equivalent, with an International partnership developped with the Berklee College of Music de Boston and the Contemporary College of Music in Pekin. MAI has also professional relationship with the Ibanez Guitar Schools.

Music Academy International
12 Avenue du XXe Corps - BP 637
54010 Nancy cedex France
Phone + 33 (0)3 83 39 70 70