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Before being a Jazz musician, Yannick Robert was involved into celtic music, playing all the typical instruments such as bagpipe, bombard, irish whistle, accordion. Since all these years this culture and those melodies were a part of him, and the moment was come to express that in his music. He already wrote some Celtic influenced tunes in his previous CDs.

This new project deals with the cyclical side of Celtic Music, but with melodic accents outside of the consonant harmony that caracterise usually this music, opening it towards Jazz. Melodies are written, arranged, mixing traditional instruments and more contemporary sounds, with large worked out solos, on urban rythmic pulsations. It is a very contemporary music..


Guitar player and mucic teacher, Yannick Robert has been a very present musician on the jazz scene since severals years. He is very well apreciated as a leader, or as a sideman, for his compositions and his high sense of improvisation. He recorded a lot of albums on his own, or as a guest.

Born in Brittany, he starts to play guitar at the age of 14, after having played accordion and such celtic instruments as bagpipe, bombard, irish whistle. His first years of classical guitar and finger-playing will be determinant for his own technic and his very melodic phrasing. Outstanding musician, with a great and subtil guitar touch, he can plays with the same musicality electric, acoustic, synthesizer and even fretless guitar.

Yannick Robert is very well know as well as a teacher. In charge of the Ibanez Guitar Schools in France, one of the main teacher in the Music Academy International in Nancy, he wrote a lot of books about guitar, improvisation, phrasing, and he is invited to participate in most of the main guitar seminaries and masterclasses...


Autodidact, Benoît Sauvé is a real phenomenon. He starts playing recorder at the age of 8. He begins by Rock and Celtic Music before studying Jazz intensively. Today he literaly explodes on the Jazz and World music scene. His virtuosity is unique and amazing on that instrument.

His musical facilities makes him very demanded on studio sessions in every kind of music.
His video work - visible on Youtube - make him receive congratulations and propositions from all over the world, people such as Marcus Milller.

Today he plays a lot on the French Jazz scene with François Mechali, Emmanuel Bex, Khalil Chahine...

www.benoitsauve.net  —  www.myspace.com/benoitsauve

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Marc-Michel Lebevillon starts music with the piano, studying with Bruno Rigutto at the age of five. He will then study guitar and bass, then harmony and orchestration with Gérard Labady, and finally upright bass with Pierre Michelot and Patrice Caratini.
Composer, arranger, he gets several awards for his music, and tours all over the world with Michel Legrand, sharing the scene and recording with Joe Pass, Ray Charles, Eddie Lockjaw Davis, Harry Edison, Eddie Louiss, Didier Lockwood, Romane, and many others.

www.marcmichellebevillon.com  —  www.myspace.com/mmlbquartet


Major of promotion of the Music Academy of Nancy, and of the Didier Lockwood Music school, this outstanding drummer and percussion player, he is touring all the year all over the world (Montreal, Montreux, Nice Jazz Festival, Paris la Défense, China, Africa, Canada and all Europe with such musicians as Demi Evans, Jean-Marie Ecay, Pierre-Jean Gaucher, Jean-Jacques Milteau, etc...

Cédric is very present on the jazz scene, because of his accomplished technique and his great ability to serve the music.



Born in Marseille in 76, Franck Agulhon starts drumming in 86 with Phil Van.
In 90 he goes to the CMCN in Nancy, he will graduate with honors. Then he goes to the Drummers Collective in New York and studies with Kim Plainfield, Zach Danzinger, John Riley, Duduka da Fonseca, Gene Jackson. He will graduate again with honors in 95. In 97 he is permanent drummer of the Lorraine Regional Jazz Orchestra.

These last years we could listen to him playing with Archie Shepp, Bob Mintzer, Lew Soloff, Ted Curson, Bobby Shew, Thoots Thielemans, Julia Migenes Johnson, Sylvain Luc, Dominique DiPiazza, and some many others...

He is one of the greatests drummers today, mixing all the great Jazz drummers influence with Brasilian, Cuban and Funky music. He teaches at the Music Academy International in Nancy, and at The CMDL (Center of music Didier Lockwood).

www.franckagulhon.com  —  www.myspace.com/franckagulhon


Born in 1962, Benoît Vanderstraeten starts playing bass at the age of 16. First in Pop Rock Music, then in Jazz after having listened to Jaco Pastorius. He immediatly joins on stage most famous Belgian Jazz Musicians like Stev Houben, Jacques Pelzer, Toots Thielemans, etc...

In 85 he goes to Los Angeles at the BIT, and starts developping his unique left hand technic.

Virtuoso, very appreciated for his natural ability to improvise, Benoît played with John Scofield, Michel Petrucciani, Claude Nougaro, Scott Henderson, Didier Lockwood, among others. He is a famous teacher at the Music Academy International, the CMDL, and at the Anvers and Bruxelles conservatories.


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