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Blues & Beyond Quartet is the new project created by Yannick Robert & Sebastien Charlier around Blues, wordly spread out music and culture, common starting point from all contemporary musical genres, and a very favourable material to mix with all the influences of modern music.
The band was born at a memorable concert at the “Sunset Jazz Club” in Paris in march 2010. It's by itself a fusion of styles, cultures, generations and spirits that give to it a lot of energy and a very ludic perception.

The quartet plays mainly original compositions, plus some re-arranged well-known covers. BBQ recently toured in Roumania, Canarias, Russia, Malaysia, Thaïlandia, and is already programmed in a lot of Festivals all over the world.

Their first album "La danse du chat" is available since 2011, ans the second one "Echec et Malt" since 2013. (Alien Beats Records)


Guitar player and mucic teacher, Yannick Robert has been a very present musician on the jazz scene since sevrals years. He is very well apreciated as a leader, or as a sideman, for his compositions and his high sense of improvisation. He recorded a lot of albums on his own, or as a guest.

Born in Brittany, he starts to play guitar at the age 14, after having played accordion and such celtic instruments as bagpipe, bombard, irish whistle. His first years of classical guitar and finger-playing will be determinant for his own technic and his very melodic phrasing. Outstanding musician, with a great and subtil guitar touch, he can plays with the same musicality electric, acoustic, synthesizer and even fretless guitar.

Yannick Robert is very well know as well as a teacher. In charge of the Ibanez Guitar Schools in France, one of the main teacher in the Music Academy International in Nancy, he wrote a lot of books about guitar, improvisation, phrasing, and he is invited to participate in most of the main guitar seminaries and masterclasses...


Sébastien Charlier was initiated to harmonica playing as a child, he developped a very strong technic, being able to play any style of music, from Blues to Jazz, from Rock to Fusion, his musical abilities serving allways his artistic sensibility. He mixes different styles with a great maestria and a lot of elegance and emotional subtility.

When Sébastien Charlier plays, diatonic harmonica becomes a major instrument. Just because he performs with only ten holes, what other musicians plays with a saxophone or a guitare. Except for the fact that he plays his own style without any compromission.

www.sebcharlier.com  —  www.myspace.com/sebcharlier


French with Sicilian and Gypsy roots, John Mc Laughlin said about him : “he is incredibly talented, he is one of the greatest bass-players in the world”.
Autodidact, he began to play bass in 1979, listening to Jaco pastorius that will help him in the quest of excellency. He developped a very special and unique technic, the famous "four finger playing technic" that allows him to play at a rare velocity.

He played with eminent world Jazz stars such as John McLaughlin, Trilok Gurtu, Bireli Lagrene, Dennis Chambers, Elvin Jones, Joey De Francesco, Zakir Hussain, Didier Lockwood, Gordon Beck, Gil Evans, among others..

In 2000 he plays with the Front Page trio, with Bireli Lagrene and Dennis Chambers. They tour all over Europe and record an album that will win the best album of the year in the French Grammy Awards. Since then, Dominique DiPiazza plays with several bends all over the world : Spain, Italy, Russia, India, Turkey, ...etc. In 2008 he produces his own album "Princess Sita", in trio with guitar player Nelson Veras and drummer Manhu Roche. Since 1985 he also teaches a lot in different schools and seminaries all over the world.

www.dominiquedipiazza.com  —  www.myspace.com/dominiquedipiazza


Certainly one of the most young generation talented drummers in France. Very inventive, mature, with a great technic and ability to play instinctively, he is now already on the top line of French drummers. He is more and more present on the Jazz scene. A great carrier to come...


  ::  Discography

“La Danse du Chat”     La promesse de Clovis
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Blues & Beyond Quartet     African waltz
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2011 - Alien Beats Records     Un chameau dans le désert
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▪  Guitar: Yannick Robert
▪  Harmonica: Sébastien Charlier
▪  Bass: Dominique Di Piazza
▪  Drums: Yoann Schmidt
▪  Recorder: Benoît Sauvé (guest)
    I don't need no doctor
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    Keltik Blues
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    La danse du chat
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    Blues de Flamel
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    Sixty bluesy candles
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    Une semaine sans fin
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    Evening at the St John
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  ::  Press review

  ::  Bass Musician Magazine - October 25, 2011

  The Blues & Beyond Quartet features Yannick Robert on guitar, Sebastien Charlier on harmonica, Yoann Schmidt on drums, and Dominique DiPiazza on bass. This is a stellar lineup of very talented players that have come together and have produced a unique and very musical undertaking. ...    Read more
  ::  Mac & Guitare - September 28, 2011

  Our friend Yannick Robert has produced with his band Blues & Beyond Quartet, one of the best Jazz album of 2011.
« La Danse du Chat » is an outstanding album that explores new musical horizons, mixing Jazz, Blues and World music. ...    Read more
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